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No comply at 400ml Magazine !

I just got into a new project with a really great guy from Rio, Thiago, who invited me to do a piece on the No Comply show for the first edition of his digital magazine, about the street art and culture, and now I´m officially part of this cool project which is the 400ml magazine !

The first edition was made under the name “Graff Rio”,because of the guys envolved in the project in the first place were all from Rio de Janeiro, but since me and other people from other parts of Brazil got on board and collaborate with it, the name has been changed so that people know that what we´re doing is for everyone who likes or does street art and support the street culture.

DOWNLOAD 400ml #1.

The first edition came out with interviews with real talented guys, such as the stencil artist Venom, graffiti artist from Rio Davi, stencil and sticker artists Drao from South Brazil; articles about the biggest events that went on Rio last year like the Hutuz Rap Festival and award, which awarded the greatest talents on Brazilian Rap Music, also competitions of Streetball, Skate and Graffiti, the artists nominated were Insane, Nick and Vespa from cvcrew, the winner, chosen by the public vote; and the Meeting Of Favela, which gathered most of the brazilian graffiti artists on Rio to do a big production painting the ‘favelas’ there, and some dope photos on the Gallery section :

Venom at 400ml ( Graff Rio at the time).

So here´s some shots of the pages about the No Comply show :

Retos at 400ml Mag #1.

The second edition is out and we´re keeping the freshness on !

An interview with the graffiti artists SWK, Insane, the stencil artist Ozi, na article about the documentary about the ‘pixação’ on Rio called ” Let the world see” , plus other talents on the Gallery. Check it out !

DOWNLOAD 400ml #2.

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