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Stephen Powers – A Love Letter for You.

Love Letter is a project by Stephen Powers (Espo) reclaiming the buffed rail side rooftops and walls of Philadelphia with messages that connect with commuters bringing them closer to the aesthetic of graffiti by focusing on a message other than the artists name, an aspect which is lost to people outside of the graffiti community. Replacing them with love notes which of course retain Powers strong vintage signage style.

“I find it interesting that no one noticed that a hundred full color walls suddenly went brown. That was always the problem with graffiti, for all it’s efforts to communicate, most people don’t understand it and if people don’t understand, they don’t take ownership, and your  name gets taken down like a campaign poster in December. In our fame-addled America it’s easy to understand the motivation to write your name,  a lot harder to appreciate the unreadable result.”

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