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Archive for February, 2010


Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The mexican artist  Saner is showing his canvases at POW Gallery in London, as it says on the Juxtapoz Magazine’s website.

He usually paints skulls, blooded figures, dark scenes that’s related to death which is  very much part of the mexican culture.

But is not just on canvas that he express himself and his native culture, he paints on walls too and is an amazing graffiti artist.

Painting in Valencia (Spain).

He´s  also into the toy art and made some very cool ones!

Check more of his works at his flickr.

Yoshihiro Higai “Cold Frame”

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Skate/snowboard photographer Yoshihiro Higai is having his 2nd exhibition “Cold Frame” at Studio Fish i in Daikanyama (sorry there doesn’t seem to be any English info available).

To check the extent of what he has done check out the “Skate 80’s” section on his site:

How and Nosm strikes Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Monday, February 15th, 2010

The also famous twin brothers in the graffiti world, besides OsGemeos (which actually means “The Twins” in portuguese), How and Nosm, now living in NYC but born in Spain, travel all around the globe painting cool characters and some dope letters on the streets. 

And this time they came to Brazil and painted on Rio de Janeiro city pretty much everything they laid eyes on.

They could not pass by Brazil without leaving their marks on a train, since they painted trains in almost every part of the world.


They painted 50 walls in Rio ! And you can check it all  on their flickr page !

Hyper ’10 !

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

The brazilian graffiti artist, Hyper stepped up another level, once again !

He used to paint very futuristic images like this one :

Always reflecting about the future of the human kind, the planet, interacting techonology with nature, trying to make us think about the way we live and where we´re going.

He always kept his influence from his dreams, studies, connections, and this time is no different but his works for 2010, the series called ORIGINS, are “a little bit”  different…

So I had a little chat/interview with him to find out: What´s with the whole indian thing ???

Hyper: At the end of the year of 2009 I had a dream, with an indian shaman  talking to me and I couldn´t stop thinking about it…so I bought a book called “Much before 1500” (which is how many years passed since the Portuguses found Brazil, as the history goes)

In the streets of Belo Horizonte city, his hometown.

Miss G : And what did that book say ?

Hyper: The book says that Brazil was the first land ever to exist, that is the birth of all civilizations, about the shamans and their philosophies…

Sculpture made for an art show.

Miss G : What did the shaman tell you on that dream ?

Hyper: He talked about how the humanity evolved technologically and how that kept us away from the truth and made our future what it is today. That mankind had two different futures ahead of us, one with the sight of destruction, as it is happening, and one that would come from the reunion of the nature with the unity spirit of men… a hippie’s dream ! (laughs)

Miss G : How did the dream become art ?

Hyper : I thought it had a lot to do with my artwork. I was going throught a phase when I wasn´t feeling inpired to create. I was blocked. I needed something new.  And my work is about technology so mixing up that with everything I studied, I crazed it up a little  and that´s what it came out… (laughs)

Hyper,Dalata, Nao and Mona (both from Chile)

He’s an incredible artist, really into what he´s doing, he takes his message and his art very seriously, even the more vandal side of it, bombing. He also makes music and sings (you can check it on his myspace page).

Here is him on a rite of energy passing.

Miss G : Did you ever go to a record label ?

Hyper: No… I don´t have that kind of feeling with music or anything… at least for now. I just like doing it! I think is to keep record of my ideas and thoughts in a more artistic way, to share it, exchange of information really. If  at some point it turns out to be more than that is because someone liked it.

Works with Dalata, also from BH city.

Hyper: My intention is to produce, period. You can´t paint all the time so I try to occupy my time with productive things. I like music, I listen to it all day and I keep banging on things, I like writing, to produce a music…just like graffiti, I do it because I like it ! What comes next is consequence.

As before, his paintings were so beatifull and realistic in a way that made us think that the future could be exactly how he painted…and now even thought his influence is from the past he still show us a  future that could be, if everything were different.

Let´s hope and make a better future for ourselves! Keep it green !

Beast Vision

Friday, February 12th, 2010


Banksy, taking out of the streets and putting into the movies.

Friday, February 12th, 2010

The wordly known street artist, Banksy made a movie which is described on its trailer as “The world´s first street art disaster movie”. Seems like a  very funny movie, with lot of street action shots, even if is not successful ones, looks like it will be very fun to watch.

Check out the trailer :


The release is scheduled to March 5th in UK cinemas, and there´s still no news about the release in other areas so far, but you can check all the news about the movie at

Creativity goes a long way ! Keep expanding your horizons!

Cap Matches Color

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Is there anything you want to know about spray paint history, brands, charts, collections and much more ?

So go check out the Cap Matches Color website for everything there ever was to know about spray paint!

There you´ll find cool ads like these ones

Plus interviews with graffiti writers from back then, like Sen One and others, telling their racking stories, the best and worst spray paints and painting experiences, with awesome photos from the old school.

In this photo, Sen and his IBM CREW :SHOOT, PEL (RIP), SEN-1, POZE, POKE, WEST, LONE, NEL (RIP), ECO.

They also accept contributions of photos,artworks and interviews from old school writers, so if you were there share the history!

Even Martha Cooper contributed (which is how I found out about the site in the first place), after all that´s all she ever did to the graffiti and hip hop culture !

Dondi’s hand spraying a Krylon’s can.

You got to learn where you came from to know where you going !

Leon Botha

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The graffiti artist REVOK1 did a good job posting about the artist, dj and “that dude” on the Die Antwoord music video “Enter the ninja”, LEON BOTHA.

If you know none of them…go find out!


And he is also doing a photographic exhibition, in collaboration with Gordon Cark, called “Who Am I? Transgressions”.

Check his website for more.

Oh! And yes, Leon is also the longest know living survivor of Progeria, a condition that makes him look like’ he’s 80 years old when he’s actually 24.

Looks more like a “motivation” than a “condition” to me…after all is just a matter of perspective, so try a more positive and productive one!

Keep it up!!!


Friday, February 5th, 2010

Michael Johansson

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Michael Johansson

Miss G

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